110 gallon drum

Flexitanks are the choice to ISO Container tanks and steel drums, the Flexitanks price saving advantage over ISO Containers is the Flexitank only needs one 110 gallon drum, hence eliminating the return shipment of a vacant ISO Container to be washed for re-use, this advantage saves on transport costs by 50%.

Utilizing Flexitanks instead to steel drums is a single Flexitank can hold 40 percent more liquid than a shipping container full of steel drums.

Be responsible by utilizing Flexitanks.

Flexitanks bring about the decrease in an estimated 300 million gallons of waste water which generated from the Shipping Container and Drum Shipping Industry from cleansing steel and plastic drums every year. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that 90 percent of the waste water is infected with harmful metals and dioxins.

The delivery industry alone accounts for 6 percent of global emissions and this is estimated to rise by 75 percent during the next 14 decades, utilizing Flexitank will considerably decrease carbon dioxide emissions.

Landfills are being full of 8 billion tons of industrial waste in the USA, a massive contributor to this waste is industrial packaging for example Steel Drums utilized for transport fluids, these drums are dripping using toxic materials being discharged into our territory and sea.

Shipping empty ISO containers to be washed is leading to the rise in greenhouse gas emissions being emitted by the transport business, Flexitanks could be retrieved, recycled and recycled slowing the spread of global heating and estimated 75% growth of greenhouse gas emissions estimated from the year 2020.