Public Debate with CSO about ‪‎RYCO‬

22.01.2016, Priština


The panelists (from left to right): Vedat Jashari, Krenare Gashi, Faton Peci, Vesa Ibrahimi

A public debate about the process of RYCO’s establishment, was organised by the Kosovoa Central Action Youth Council and the two Kosovoa members of the RYCO working group: Vedat Jeshari and Krenare Gashi. Around 20 representatives of civil society organizations participated in this public debate. Beforehand they were provided with all documents that the working group is currently developing. They were therefore given the chance to give direct feedback and remarks to the working group members, express their wishes for issues to be included in the legal statute and raise concerns.

In line with the Kosovoa Youth strategy to “[…] establish a permanent interaction and a bridge of cooperation between youth and decision making institutions […]” the panel was equally compositioned of the civil society’s voice of youth and the government. Therefore Mr. Faton Peci, who is at the same time the minister of culture, youth and sports and political avdisor of deputy prime minister Kujtim Shalaand as well as Mrs. Vesa Ibrahimi, who is the head of the Central Youth Action Council had joined the panel and higlighted their support for the process. The Central Youth Action council was officially established in 2009 by the “Kuvendi”, the assembly of Kosovo and is a “voluntary organization of youth organizations operating in Kosovo” (Art. 8 of the Law 03/L-145) . It units the voice of 27 local youth action councils, which are established in different municipalities throughout Kosovo.