Presenting RYCO at the Franco-German Friendship Days

Sarajevo, 27.01.2016

As if history had to remind the RYCO working group about its importance and future impact, the most significant step in the Franco-German reconciliation after World War II had its anniversay today. In honor of this, the German and French embassies organized together an event celebrating the signature of the Élysée Treaty and the foundation of the Franco-German Youth office 53 years ago. They invited the working group to the Museum of Literature and Performing Arts to present and discuss its work with young people and representatives of youth organizations of Sarajevo.

The event started out with warm greetings from the ambassador of France Claire Bodonyi and the cultural adviser of the German embassy Natasha Garloff-Jonkas, who both underlined their support for the work of RYCO. The opening notes were followed by an overview over the history and the vision of the Franco-German Youth office by the moderation _DSC0440team of RYCO.

From Berlin Process to Paris Summit- the road of the RYCO working group

Krenare Gashi from the Kosovo Youth Centers’ Network and Marija Bulat from the National Youth Council of Serbia introduced the interested public to the history and ongoing process of RYCO. It was then up to the audience to ask their questions and they gladly made use of this opportunity.

Will politicians fail RYCO?

The questions raised were very different. From rather technical ones about the date when RYCO will be launched, to contructive ones, which asked for the reason why it had to be a youth office and not e.g. a youth center, in which youth could also meet. Moreover the working group was asked critical questions about their optimism whether their ministers will really reach a consensus on the common budget and the seat, since similar attempts to build regional co-operation in the Western Balkans had failed. The members of the RYCO working group responded very honest by reveiling insights into their working process but also highlighting the importance of the joint declaration in which all heads of states had declared their willingness to found RYCO.

The lively debate was followed by a reception, which underlined again the interest of the youth in this process and has therefore been a motivational boost for the working group.

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