Taking first steps towards possible regional cooperations

Sarajevo, 28.01.2016

The Balkan Trust for Democracy (BTD), a grantmaking initiative for South Eastern Europe by the German Marshall Fund took great interest in the RYCO process from the very beginning. It was also them who made the third meeting of the working group possible by their financial support. The third day of the working group’s meeting was therefore also used to reach out to potential donors and partners in the region.

How could RYCO profit from good practices of established actors like SALTO or BTD?

Natasha Petrovic from BTD and Sonja Mitter from the SALTO-YOUTH resource centre gladly followed the invitation of the RYCO working group and came from their offices in Belgrade and Ljubljana to Sarajevo. Both expressed their interest and willingness to support RYCO with knowledge, technical and financial support. The working group had the possibility to post their questions and carefully looked for first possible synergy effects. How could the expertise of the Erasmus+ resource center, which supports trainings for youth workers and youth leaders, be used for RYCO? Can 13 years of the BTD’s engagement in SEE support the launch of RYCO? It became clear that this first meeting was a motivating step for all sides and that further exchange will be beneficial to all.

The long day was finished off with a dinner overviewing beautiful Sarajevo.

Third day evening (17)

The moderation team of the RYCO working group: Frank Morawietz, Bujar Luma and Nicolas Moll

Find more information on the Balkan Trust for Democracy here and on the SALTO Youth resource center of the EU Erasmus+ Programme here.