“More regional -more European” -RYCO meets with Press and NGOs

Belgrade, 18.02.2016

The second day of the working group’s meeting in Belgrade is an intensive working day, since the most delicate points of the RYCO proposal are discussed now. Moreover the Franco-German Youth Office (FGYO) invited journalists of Bosnia and Herzegovnia, Montenegro, Croatia, Serbia and Kosovo to its very first press conference. Working group members Dafina Peci and Zorica Stamenkovska presented the story of RYCO, the so called “Berlin process” and gave an outlook on the upcoming months. Frank Morawietz of the moderation team and secretary general of FGYO Béatrice Angrand supplemented their answers with the experience of FGYO in the region.


The Press conference: What is the uniqueness of RYCO?

The journalists wanted to know what the uniqueness of the RYCO approach was, how RYCO was different from other regional initiatives and how much effort they will put into convincing Croatia and Slovenia to join the process. After the press conference the journalists had the chance to interview the members of the working group and the moderation team to get more insights into the process.


Continous support from France and Germany

Invited by the French and the German embassy, the RYCO working group presented itself to the interested public, regional NGOs and journalists at the Goethe Institut of Belgrade. After the opening remarks from the German Chargé d’Affaires Alexander Jung and the French Chargé d’Affaire Denis Douveneau, which both underlined the high political interest of their respective countries in the process. Béatrice Angrand gave a short summary on FGYOs engagement in the Western B

alkans and highlighted the “modern approach of RYCO”, which is to include the civil society from the very beginning as well as this is a reciprocital learning process, where FGYO learns from RYCO as well as the other way around. “FGYO should not be understand as a role model, but rather as an inspiration for RYCO”, she said after complimenting the working group for its huge effort.

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