The OSCE and RYCO- meeting other players in the region

Belgrade, 16.02.2016

Even though in these turbulent times European voters seem to feel ever more attracted by nationalistic parties and by the secure feeling of controlled borders, there are still projects like RYCO that are sending out another message. Instead of closing borders and retreat to nationalism they are holding on to dialog and exchange as the only way to build peace, overcome the past and therefore open the doors to a different -hopefully better- future in the region. In decreasing fear of the foreign by dialog the RYCO working group had the pleasure to welcome representatives of the OSCE mission to Serbia and Albania.

Mrs. Milena Stošić, the Special Representative of the OSCE Chairmanship-in-Office on Youth and Security, Leslie Hess, OSCE Mission to Serbia Adviser on Human Rights and Non-Discrimination and Elton Lelo, OSCE mission to Albania discussed the OSCE’s possibilities to support RYCO. Since they are well established in the region, they might be able to offer technical, logisitical and political support to the youth office or even train future youth officers of RYCO projects. Looking for synergy effects, networking and partnering with other international players can only be beneficial to all partners in the process.