Promoting the work of RYCO in Albania

Tirana, 2.12.2015

In the context of recent developments in the region in the field of youth and to promote the current work developed by the Ministry of Social Welfare and Youth, the National Youth Service organized the meeting “Albanian Youth and Regional Cooperation” in the youth center of Tirana. With the support of the OSCE in Albania, five young people gathered from the region (Kosovo, Montenegro, Serbia, Macedonia, and Albania) to discuss life of a teenager in the Western Balkans and the new opportunities that are being created for them . This topic was presented and discussed by Ms. Ina Avllaj, Director General of the National Youth Service, Znj.Genta Sula, Deputy Minister of Youth and Social Welfare, and Mr. Robert Wiltson, Deputy Chief of the OSCE in Albania. The discussion was based on the productive relationship in the field of youth between Albania and Serbia as well as the establishment of the Regional Youth Office for Cooperation.

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