Raising visibility for RYCO in Serbia

Belgrade, 19.01.2016

KOMS first meeting in beograd

In order to engage civil society in the RYCO working process, the National Youth Council of Serbia (KOMS) released an open call to interested NGOs. 40 NGOs responded and will from now on be updated with all news of the process and consulted regarding all questions on RYCO.

On the 19th of January KOMS invited active NGOs for a first direct consultative meeting to their office in Belgrade. Marija Bulat and Djuro Blanusa introduced the participants to the RYCO working procedures and discussed their concerns, hopes and doubts. A second consultative meeting with more NGOs is already planned in the second week of February.

Moreover there shall be a public event in the last weeks of February which will be open to a wider audience.

Please find further information in Serbian:

In order to stay updated on this process, follow the twitter account of KOMS: @KOMSmladi