Getting involved with the Civil Society

Skopje, February 2016

During February 2016, the governmental representative from the Macedonian delegation, Zorica Stamenkovska meet representatives from the network TACSO (Technical Assitance for Civil Society Organizations) office in Skopje to discuss about the process of establishment of RYCO. The meeting was held in the premises of TACSO where Stamenkovska and Ms. Suncica Sazdovska (resident advisor of the TACSO Office in Macedonia) discussed the whole process of the establishment of RYCO, its role and the work of the working group. Moreover she presented and discussed the documents which the working group has prepared within their mandate and decided to send them for comments to the whole network of TACSO.

After the meeting, an email has been sent to the members – civil society organizations of TACSO with relevant information regarding the Joint Declaration for establishment of RYCO, the whole process of establishment of this office and the role of the Franco-German Youth Office as facilitator in this phase of preparation the documents.

TACSO’s mission is to increase and improve the capacity and actions of CSOs as well as their democratic role. Through TACSO’s capacity building activities, support and assistance, the aim is to achieve a strengthened civil society and to stimulate a civil society-friendly environment and culture. TACSO is part of the Civil Society Facility (CSF) which is a European Union (EU) mechanism that provides support to civil society organisations (CSOs) in those countries that are not yet part of the EU.