Presentation of the RYCO process on a Radio Show in Macedonia

Skopje, 19.05.2016

The Macedonian governmental representative Zorica Stamenkovska of the Working Group  presented the process of the establishment of the Regional Youth Cooperation Office in a radio show on a Macedonian Radio – Radio 2.

Stamenkovska spoke about the initiative for establishment of RYCO and the Joint Declaration signed by the Prime Ministers of WB6. She also explained the whole process and the activities undertaken by the working group in the period November 2015- March 2016. She also said that it is an initiative which will foster and encourage regional youth cooperation and will bring many benefits for the young people in Macedonia, including exchanges, trainings, mobility etc.

Additionally, the radio show had invited two representatives from the Centre for Intercultural Dialogue, Matej Manevski and Neal Reami from Kumanovo who explained their expectations regarding the establishment of RYCO. They mentioned that this process is important for young people in Macedonia and they expect that many young people from Macedonia and the region could benefit from the Regional Youth Cooperation Office and its activities.